Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Hi, all!!

This is just to let EVERYBODY know what we discussed at the meeting we had yesterday, August 31, with 24 travellers present and 5 parents.

For those going to Paris:
* It was difficult to get the 20 seats on the plane back for February 4, and the system got the 20 seats for the plane on February 5, which means that we will be staying ONE MORE NIGHT, and one more day in Paris. And this also means that there is ONE MORE night at the hotel we'll be staying, so it is impossible to keep the same price for the total amount of expenses.

The proposal was: either staying on a waiting list for February 4 (which is rather risky) or accepting the extra night.
The agent in England proposed paying for the 5th night but NOT paying then for the expenses the tour to Paris originally included. I am checking out how much this will be exactly, but believe it will not be more than 100 dollars.

Parents present at the meeting thought the second choice is a better one, but I need to know what you ALL think about this, so please, tell your parents and let me know.


With the school we will visit London once, then Oxford and then Cambridge during the three Saturdays we will be there.
So I have sent an email to Discovery Tours in Brighton to have THREE more day trips during the three Sundays we will have free.

And these are the options with the aproximate prices:

* London (a second visit, as one will NOT be enough!) 25 pounds
* Stratford and the Cotswolds 30 pounds
* Leeds Castle and Canterbury 35 pounds

I am also thinking of going to the theatre in the Theatre District in London, to see Billy Elliot, a famous play worth watching.

And we might also visit Bath if you agree. In this case I would ask permission to be absent from school one day.

PLEASE, let me know what you all think, and I will proceed accordingly.



  1. GOOD NEWS!!! We won't have to pay the tours in Paris, as offered before, since Chateaux Viajes will be paying for that. So we'll have a fifth day in Paris FOR FREE!!

  2. Hi!!! It's good to hear we have one more day in Paris and that we'll be doing the tours!! It's worth it!
    As for the trips while in England I would like to do all of them. Although I woud like to go to Bath, I'm not so sure about the play.

    See you next meeting!!! =)

  3. Hi Rita, about the trips in England, I trust that you'd know what does worth visiting and what doesn't. Besides, as I see it, the more we can do the better :)
    See you.

  4. hi Rita..i agree with nacho so i accept all the extra tours, inchuding both the play and the bath.
    I think that staying in a hostel one day like the last year trip group did, could be also a great idea..

  5. Hi everybody! About the excursions in England I would like to do all of them. Although I´m not so sure about the play, if all the group goes I´ll go too. Regarding Paris, those are really good news!!

  6. Hi! About the excursions, I'd like to visit London again!! And I'd like to visit Bath, too (if this is possible).
    Talking about the play, I think that it's an excellent idea. I heard that Billy Elliot is a great play and I'd like to see it...
    See you in the next meeting :)

  7. Wow! Great news for thouse travelling to Paris!!
    I totally go along with the idea of going to the theatre. Besides "Billy Elliot" is an outstanding movie, just thinking about watching a play in a London theatre is clearly a "must do" to me.
    Regarding visiting Bath... count me in!

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  9. Hi! About the extra excursions, I want to do them all including Bath. From the play, I heard good reviews so I´d like to see it.
    See you in the next meeting :)

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  11. One extra day in Paris, free? Wow, that's surprising. Great!
    About the excursions in England, I think we must do everything we could :)

  12. xD I ment those instead of "thouse"... i think everybody realised that

  13. Hi everybody =)
    I love the idea of visiting Bath, and all of the extra excursions.
    I'm also looking forward to seeing a play in London, I think it's a one-time experience we can't afford to miss, I mean, it's an important part of learning about culture. However, I would prefer another play if possible =P
    See you!

  14. oh by the way, I forgot, are we going to Stonehenge?

  15. Yes, Andres, when we go to Bath we'll stop in Stonehenge and at Salisbury Cathedral as well :-)

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  17. I want to do all the excursions !!!- including the play. It'd be fantastic!