Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Plug Adaptor

I'm uploading here a picture I took from the plug adaptor those taking their netbooks to England will need, in case you want to buy it in advance.

You may buy it here before the trip, but do not worry, you will find it anywhere once in Brighton!


  1. Thanks!
    I was just asking a friend of mine about this yesterday, he went to England a few years ago. Maybe buying the adaptor here is cheaper.
    By the way, it's algo useful for rechargeable batteries, for those taking cameras (like me =P), I'm taking a battery charger with me.
    See you =)

  2. oh really useful tip! thanks.. i'll buy it here as soon as possible due to avoid problems in England.
    see you!

  3. Thanks for the photo Rita! I have one question, is it the same adaptor that they use in France? Because I´ve read in a web page that french people have another plug adaptor, is it true?

  4. I don't know, Nico, but will find out for you!