Saturday, 30 October 2010

BRIGHTON and Other places in England

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Want more details and photos of Brighton...? Visit this wonderful site, with "Things to Do", Shopping, Tourist Information and much more!!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

How much cash for Paris...?

Some of you wanted to know the answer to this question. I've just got an email from Shirley, she´ll be travelling to Paris in mid November, will study conditions there and will report back.

I'll let you know, then, by next month :-)


November 26: Shirley suggests taking 200 euros (max) for Paris expenses, though she´s sure it´ll be less than that!

OUR MEETING October 28

We had another enjoyable meeting yesterday, in which:

*we talked about the places we'll visit while in England

*the groups to share rooms in the hotel in Brighton were made


1- Emiliano, Eneas and Franco
2- Vir, Aidu, Maca and Lucia Maca
3- Cele, Cami and Erika
4- Yania, Marina Ch and Nati
5- Juanma, Joaqui and Damian
6- Juan Ignacio, Santi and Nico
7- Matias L, Matias C and Andres
8- Marina Q, Guada, Ana Lucia and Eliana
9- Rocio M, Marina A and M Laura
10- Mica, Euge, Rocio V and Ma Fer

It is VERY important that EVERYBODY is updated on the latest news, and communicates with the group via this blog, or else via email, so that nobody is left behind.

Students who missed the meeting: PLEASE, contact me via email.

NEXT MEETING: December 1st.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Halloween Day

Let's hope this smiling witch brings us all good luck!
Happy Halloween!
Ana Maria

Friday, 22 October 2010

Leisure Programme Edited

Go to our GOOGLE SITE, dear kids, and take a look at the Leisure Programme, which has been edited... ;-)

You'll find ALL the places we will visit during the three weeks in England. Those in green are the ones we will make with the agency, the others have been included in the school programme.

Start reading about these places in the Google Site, it will be marvellous to see them after having learnt something about them and seen their photos!!!

Monday, 18 October 2010

Our FIRST night together!!

Hello everybody!!
I just wanted to say what happenned last Friday. Me and other sixteen travellers had the chance to speed up the process of getting to know us(THANKS to luna and pachu´s marvellous idea!!)
We met at Pachu's house, and ate "Fiestero´s Pizza". It was a wonderful evening, and i can't deny that i'm looking forward meeting again very anxiously.
For those who couldn't make it or didn't know about it, i recommend you not to miss the upcoming meeting!! ;)


Friday, 15 October 2010

Les Miserables

OK, the seats for "The Miserables" are already booked, but I wanted to make sure that we would see the musical on Wednesday 19, since "missing this rally" the school has organized for the 19 is not a big deal...;-)

So there we are now, re-organizing the schedule to make it still better!

How are you all doing? Getting ready? Tell us about your preparation!!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Welcome from Brighton Sprachcaffe Principal

Dear Students

I would like to introduce myself. My name is David Burgess and I am the Principal/Director of Studies in Brighton. I look forward to welcoming you to my country. Brighton is a fascinating and vibrant city. Dr Johnson once said that "when a man is tired of London he is tired of life". I believe the same can be said for Brighton, Britain's newest city. Welcome!

Warm regards


Friday, 1 October 2010

Visitors from other Countries

Dear boys and girls,

As I am so very proud of the work you are doing, both here and on our Google Site, I have invited some great friends of mine who live in different countries to visit our blog.

I'm sure they'll love what you're doing and will probably leave us a comment...

Congratulations again to all of you, I'm so happy you are already enjoying England !!



As I promised, here are some information about the ISIC card, which is the International Student Identity Card, and it can be use to obtain discounts and benefits in all over the world. This card can be obtained at the ASATEJ’s offices. The only things you need is a regular student certificate, a 4x4 photo and 16 USD. If you want more information about the card, here I leave the ISIC official website.

Hello again !!

we've just uploaded information about Leeds Castle if you want to see it, go to our Google Site and tell us what you think about it. We are waiting for your comments !

bye bye :)

vir , maca and aidu.
p.s : we've updated the information about Cambridge. (we've uploaded a video).

information about the luggage

I've just found information about the luggage we can take on the plane.
First of all, the maximum permitted is only one 23 kg's suitcase and we are also allowed to take a hand-luggage up to 10 kg. Apart from all that we can take another bag according to our outfits. If you want more information about it click on this link:

see you ! :)