Friday, 29 October 2010

OUR MEETING October 28

We had another enjoyable meeting yesterday, in which:

*we talked about the places we'll visit while in England

*the groups to share rooms in the hotel in Brighton were made


1- Emiliano, Eneas and Franco
2- Vir, Aidu, Maca and Lucia Maca
3- Cele, Cami and Erika
4- Yania, Marina Ch and Nati
5- Juanma, Joaqui and Damian
6- Juan Ignacio, Santi and Nico
7- Matias L, Matias C and Andres
8- Marina Q, Guada, Ana Lucia and Eliana
9- Rocio M, Marina A and M Laura
10- Mica, Euge, Rocio V and Ma Fer

It is VERY important that EVERYBODY is updated on the latest news, and communicates with the group via this blog, or else via email, so that nobody is left behind.

Students who missed the meeting: PLEASE, contact me via email.

NEXT MEETING: December 1st.

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