Friday, 15 October 2010

Les Miserables

OK, the seats for "The Miserables" are already booked, but I wanted to make sure that we would see the musical on Wednesday 19, since "missing this rally" the school has organized for the 19 is not a big deal...;-)

So there we are now, re-organizing the schedule to make it still better!

How are you all doing? Getting ready? Tell us about your preparation!!!


  1. great news!
    we're trying to know each other even better using all the options possible..
    i can assure we'll get on really well! i can't wait to be there!
    what about you Rita? are you waiting anxiously for this trip?

  2. Hi, Yani!
    I AM, certainly, but mainly because I want YOU ALL to enjoy it fully!!! ;-)

  3. In my personal opinion i think after reading this i wanto to go to Englando NOW! jaja! only 83 days!

  4. Time runs really fast, doesn't it?
    Only 2 months and a half!!!!!!
    Hope you're all ok!

  5. ooooh I'm kind of lost...but I am enjoying the news!