Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hi everyone!

Hello =)
My name is Andrés and I'm 21 years old, probably the oldest boy here for now. I heard of this trip from my teacher at Cultural, Clarisa Remy, and I found out about the details, without much hope, and then my parents told me I could go to England! I think I have yet to realise how big of an opportunity this is.

I study Social Communication at the UNR, I'm currently in the third year. I've always lived in Rosario, but one of my biggest passions is travelling, so I'm very excited about this trip!

I'm afraid I'm the only one here who doesn't really like sports, haha. I prefer just hanging out with my friends somewhere, reading, watching movies, and I have a severe addiction to music!

I'm looking forward to meet all of you, I hope we enjoy this trip together to the fullest!
See you =)


  1. Welcome, Andres, to this group of travellers!! And you're NOT the only one who prefers and loves reading, meeting with friends, travelling and listening to music! WE ARE TWO !!!! :-))

  2. welcome, Andres.
    nice to meet you

  3. Welcome Andrés! I'm afraid you are not unique :P
    I hate sports too, although I played tennis, I didn't like it. I prefer watching movies, reading books and these kind of things :P

  4. welcom, Andres. Nice to meet you ;)

  5. Hi,Andres!Welcome to the ones who enjoy meeting with friends,reading and travelling!What kind of music do you prefer?