Sunday, 4 July 2010

One more traveller

Hi everyone my name is maria virginia but everybody calls me Vir. I´m 16 years old. I live here in Rosario and I attend to La Salle school.
I´ve studying English since I was 2 but when I was 7 I started attending to Cultural and now I´m in First Certicate.
I love sport like everyone in here I see but I don´t have much time to practice them. I´m really into acting so 3 years ago I took up musical comedies in " El Circulo" theatre.
I heard about the trip from my cultura´s teacher Georgina. I promise to update things about England soon.
Well I think that all for now.
Nice to meet you !


  1. Nice to meet you too vir, and welcome :)

  2. Hi, Vir, welcome to the group!!!

  3. Hi,Vir!Nice to hear you are into acting. I also attended classes at "El Ciculo" for some time!