Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Billy Elliot: Santi's and Emiliano's wonderful work !!!

CONGRATULATIONS, dear Santi and Emiliano, on the wonderful work you did for us in our Google Site.
For those who haven't seen it yet, it's a very good summary they've made on the information they´ve found in the web, to provide all of us with a general idea of what this play is like and what it deals with. To find it, click on the "Billy Elliot" link on the Navigation area on your left, once you enter our Google Site.
You can even add your comment to Santi's contribution!

What the boys have done is a perfect example of what you are all supposed to do as soon as you see your names distributed among the many names of the English cities we are going to visit, to have some knowledge of the places we will explore once in England.

Stay tuned..., by the end of September you will be able to do your own good work!!!


  1. Congrats Santi!
    But I have a problem... I don't know how to get to the site... I've been trying, buy I really couldn't :S

  2. I meant "but" instead of "buy", sorry :P

  3. Euge,

    You need to:
    1st: open a Google account
    2nd: enter the site through the invitation I sent you via email, and then follow easy instructions.
    Hope this helps,