Saturday, 25 September 2010


Hi, all,

As our Paris Coordinator is in Rosario for a couple of days, we had a meeting this morning with those travelling to Paris so that they could get together, and Eneas made a suggestion: he'd like to see "Les Miserables" instead of "Billy Elliot". So I'd like EVERYONE to VOTE as soon as possible, to decide it democratically..

So click HERE and complete the table writing your names under the option you prefer.

The deadline will be next Tuesday 28, since I need to pay for the booking before the end of September, remember ...?


  1. Hi!
    I would also prefer another play, but I was thinking of Mamma Mia, or The Phantom of the Opera, which is a classic.
    However, deciding over our personal preferences would take forever. Is it possible to split us in a few groups? Or book only the transport with anticipation and buy the tickets for the play once we're there?

    If it is too complicated, maybe we should just stick with Billy Eliot...

    See you on Tuesday =)

  2. If we book it now we will get discounted tickets. In fact, the 45 pounds you need to pay include not only the seat for the play but also the bus coming to pick us up at the hotel, take us to the theatre in London (almost an hour's drive) and bring us back when the show is over.
    And we need to be together, all of us, so we'll have to decide on either of those two, am afraid...