Friday, 27 August 2010

Hi !

Hello ! My name is Macarena, but my friends call me Maqui. I am 18 years old and i am from Pergamino, but now I am living in Rosario because I am attending to university. I study " Lic. en estadistica" at UNR. I have been studyin english since i was 6 years old and now I am doing First Certificate at ARCI.
I love sports and till last year I was member of a basketball team from Pergamino, but now I don´t have enough time so I go to skate with a friend twice a week. I also love music, i prefer Rock and it doesn´t matter if it is national or international.
I think it is goingo to be a very exciting experience.
see you soon ! kisses.


  1. nice to meet you macarena :)

  2. nice to meet you.
    i'm really looking forward to the meeting next tuesday..
    see you there!

  3. Hi, Macarena! Great to see you here too! and welcome to the group!

  4. Hi,Maqui!Nice to meet you here. As I see you like sports I hope you enjoy walking in England!
    Ana Maria

  5. Hi maca! nice to meet you.. A few years ago I played basketball too, here in Rosario, in Provincial. So we like Basketball something that is inusual jeje!! kisses