Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Who are we...?

We are a group of Argentinian students planning our trip to England together next January 2011.

We will be sharing this space to get to know each other before we set off to Brighton, on January 7, from Buenos Aires.

We all want to see who we are..., so start introducing yourselves, and tell us what you do, what you enjoy doing, and what your expectations are regarding this wonderful trip ahead !


  1. DO NOT introduce yourselves here, girls and boys!!
    Go to the main page and click on "NEW POST" to start a new introduction. We'll make comments later :-)

  2. Rita, i checked my e-mail account again and i found nothing :(
    I could manage to find the blog, but i can´t post new entries.
    I ´ll be waiting for your answer :)

  3. santiagodiez_1010@hotmail.com in case you got it wrong

  4. Rita, I haven't received your invitation to take part of this blog... I managed to find the blog thanks to my cousin but I'd like to post new entries... My e-amil account is: emiliano_sme@hotmail.com
    I'll be waiting for your answer, thank you...