Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Well, apparently I am going to be the first one. So, here I am, my name is Eugenia and I assist to Politécnico and to Cultural too, I'm in Pre-First.
I have been looking for some information about England and interesting places to visit there, but that's another story, and I will share it later.
To this first entry, I think that's all.
See you.


  1. Welcome, Euge! You ARE the first one here, congrats! We'd like to know more about you and about all the travellers! What do you enjoy doing? What are your expectations regarding our trip?

    Come on, all others, do what Euge has done!!! :-)

  2. Thanks for your warm welcome here Rita! It's a great website for us!

  3. Hi Euge and Welcome!
    Keep on looking for information about England!! Everything will be useful to take out the best of this trip!!

  4. Hello! I think I've finally understood how this works, i did not know how to enter. I'm a bit of a mess jaja. Hope to see you on the 31th :)

  5. Hi,Euge|Welcome and as Rita said we would like to know more about your interests!Good for finding information about England!It'll be very useful!