Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Many topics were discussed during our meeting today:

* Documents to have ready: for our LAST meeting EVERYBODY will need to get ALL documents ready: photocopies of their passports, the "Acta de Responsabilidad Civil", permit legally authorized --those under 18-- and permit from parents, those who want to do extra activities different from those already organized.

* Money for extra trips: get 120 pounds ready to pay for ALL extra trips on the FIRST day in England.

* LUNCH NEXT SATURDAY: we'll be sharing lunch time next Saturday, December 4th. Those willing and able to join us, please, contact Franco Lucca to book your seats.

* QUIZZ: there will be a QUIZZ in our Google Site , maybe on as from tomorrow. Check our site and participate! The TWO winners will get a PRIZE in England!

* HOTEL ROOMS to be REORGANIZED: I got a message from England asking me to re-organize rooms, so that ALL BOYS room together in twos. Girls will also be re-organized, but we'll work on this together during the trip..., we have plenty of time before we arrive!

* YOU NEED TO REMEMBER your own number: each of you will have a number to respond to. All numbers have been allotted, but we'll go back to this topic again during our last meeting.

* OUR LAST MEETING: I'll confirm the date of our last meeting --which will be before December 31st-- maybe tomorrow, and I'll post it here.

* STAY TUNED! All news will be published here, so check this blog often to get updated!


  1. i'll be an atentive reader so that i can be informed,,
    thanks Rita!

  2. I know you are, Yani, and wish everybody was like YOU!!!!

  3. I'll be waiting for new information !! Thanks Rita.

  4. thank you, Vir, you are another good example ! ;-)

  5. Thanks Rita, I have a question... I've the photocopy of my passport, the "Acta de Responsabilidad Civil" and the permit from parents (to do extra activities)... But, what is the permit legally authorized for under 18??

  6. Emi, those who are underage need a permit signed by both parents to be allowed to get out of Argentina, and it should be legally authorized.