Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hi guys,

Well here we are back home! Not so bad after all, je je.
At least we are having cool weather.
Thanks for having been such a nice group.
One more thing: "Mind the gap" or shall I say "Tabla"


  1. hahahahah i have had such an awesome time...
    i feel glad about the members of the group and i'm looking forward for them to come back here!
    thanks a lot ana!
    see you soon

  2. Thanks Ana!! =)
    It was such a great trip, and we could tell you really cared for each one of us, it's been nice having you there =)

  3. Thank you very much Ana. I had an incredible time with you and all the group that I will never forget.

  4. Thanks Ana, I had the best trip of my life, where I met beautiful people and I wish that this experience be repeated in future. See you in the next meeting

  5. Yes,Lu
    It was a fantastic experience! See you soon.